Privacy Policy

Knupska understands that your privacy is an important issue and takes it very seriously.

At Knupska we collect two different types of information about our users.

Type 1. Information gathered indirectly through the site’s server access logs and statistical tracking software. This information is collected to better understand what viewers are requesting and to accommodate their requirements accordingly. Information gathered includes your internet protocol address (ip address), browser environment, what page was requested, referring domain and page request times.

Type 2. Information gathered by Knupska is gathered directly through optional user submissions, such as filling out a form, subscribing to receive electronic newsletters, or selecting to email page details to a friend.

By voluntarily providing Knupska with information you agree to it being used as follows:

1. Information collected by Knupska can be analysed for the purpose of improving

2. Information submitted voluntarily, such as your email address may be used to provide you with information about, our products or our services.

No user information gathered on will ever be sold for profit,  or given away, nor will make any use of your information other than indicated above. All user information will be treated as confidential.

The Australian Privacy Amendment (private sector) Act 2000 grants you the right to access and update any information about you, that we may hold. If you would like to request such access, please contact Knupska at